Su Nou Orruendeche

The granite massif known by the name of Su nou orreuendeche, meaning ‘the falling rock’ can be found on a nature trail through the Austis territory.

The area around the village is very interesting from a landscape point of view, and can be easily explored thanks to both paved and unpaved roads as well as hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty.

Thus, it is possible to see areas covered by typical Mediterranean scrub consisting of mastic trees, heather and rockrose alternating with areas of holm oaks and a large number of rock formations variously shaped by wind and weather.

Along the road that connects various points of interest in the area, such as Sa Crabarissa and Su nodu pertuntu, you come close to the vantage point of Oppiane. Downstream from this, the silhouette of Su nou stands out: a monolith, almost detached from the mountain and poised on another rock, giving the impression that it is about to plummet into the valley below at any moment.

The spectacular appearance of Su nou is matched by its dominant position in relation to the surrounding scenery, which allows you to have a 360° view of the entire area once you climb on top of it.

From here one can embrace the Ottana plain in its entirety, with a view of the Benzone lake reservoir, and, towards the west, Lake Omodeo and further still, on a clear day, the sea of Oristano. Looking northwards, the entire chain of the Marghine mountains unfolds with the villages lying on the slopes of the reliefs, while to the east the heights of the Nuoro area can be glimpsed.

Text by Laura Melis

Da Via Lazio 21 a Su nou de orruendeche link per il percorso tracciato su Google maps: